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Ala Carte Menu



Rodizio Salad

Pacific tuna, chick peas, chopped onions, boiled egg, fresh parsley presented on a bed of crispy lettuce topped with black olives.

R 78.50


Tupizinho - Calamari Salad

Grilled baby calamari and crispy fried squid heads, lettuce, tomatoes, and sautéed onions.

R 78.50


Galeto - Chicken Salad

Grilled spicy chicken served on a bed of crispy greens, fresh tomatoes sautéed onions and croutons.

R 78.50


Ubatuba Salad (Featured)

Mixed crispy greens topped with seasonal fruits, parma ham and parmesan shavings. Served with a white balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

R 89.50


Brasilia Salad

Crispy greens with green pepper, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, onions topped with grated feta cheese, cheddar cheese and black olives dressed with our very own special homemade Rodizio dressing.

R 74.50


Carnival Salad

Cold/Stir fried. Crispy mixed lettuce topped with fresh vegetables, cocktail tomatoes, onions, cucumber, palm hearts & black olives, drizzled with a strawberry balsamic reduction. (Avocado when in season).

R 74.50


Brazilian Specials

Carioca Prawns

Grilled prawns topped with our signatory sauce.


brazilian dishshellfishstarter

Bolinhos De Siri - Crab Cakes

A native crab delicacy lightly grilled. Served with a side salad, boiled egg and a homemade salsa.


brazilian dishshellfishstarter


Paulista Platter (Featured)

A delicious selection of grilled chouriço, creamy chicken livers, chicken trinchado, grilled calamari/squid heads and fresh Cape mussels. Prepared with Brazilian flair for the entire table to experience and savour.

R 230.00
(Serves 4)


Maracaná Prawn Platter

1kg Prawns butterfly grilled with our special spices topped with lemon butter and peri-peri sauce on the side.



Ipanema Platter

Chicken trinchado, grilled Falkland calamari tubes and squid heads.

R 120.00


Corcovado Mushrooms

Black mushrooms grilled in lemon butter and garlic, topped with creamed spinach & grated cheddar cheese.

R 69.50


Macumba - Chicken Livers

Grilled in mild peri peri and served in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce. Grilled and served in a white wine, garlic, tomato and fresh chilli sauce.

R 56.00

chickenstarterwhite semi sweet

Chourico Assado

Whole Portuguese pork sausage grilled and served flaming with fire water or sliced and grilled served with black olives.

R 78.50


Tupizinho - Calamari/Squid Heads

Young tender Falklands calamari tubes lightly grilled to perfection and topped with lemon butter.

R 65.50


Mexilhão - Mussels

Fresh Cape mussels steamed and topped with a rich, creamy white wine and garlic sauce.

R 67.50


Rodizio Soup

Wholesome freshly prepared homemade soup - ask your waiter for today’s chefs choice.

R 42.50


Suggested Wines

Boschendal Boschen Blanc White Blend

Suggested Salad Wine

A beautifully balanced dry white blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc in perfect ripe fruit and frisky fresh harmony for undemanding enjoyment.

R 147.00
(Per 750ml)

fruitysweet white

Served with a choice of starch, fresh vegetables or salad. We do not take responsibility for well done steaks.



Tupi - Calamari

Young tender Falklands calamari tubes lightly grilled in a blend of fresh lemon butter and spices. Served with your choice of starch, creamed spinach and vegetables of the day.

R 145.00


Pescada - Hake

Grilled with olive oil and spices, topped with lemon butter. Served with your choice of starch, creamed spinach and vegetables of the day.

R 125.00


Pesca Do Dia - Linefish

Fresh fillet of select linefish marinated in a fragrant blend of fresh lemon juice, herbs and spices and grilled with a touch of olive oil. Served with your choice of starch, creamed spinach and vegetables of the day.



Kingklip Grelhado

Grilled loin of Kingklip with olive oil and spices topped with lemon butter. Served with your choice of starch, creamed spinach and vegetables of the day.



Lisinho - Sole

Whole sole grilled in olive oil and spices topped with lemon butter. Served with your choice of starch, creamed spinach and vegetables of the day.



Bacalhau Assado

Served with boiled jacket potatoes, roasted garlic, roasted onions and green peppers.



Additional Sauces

Salvador Sauce - Creamy white wine, shrimp, mushroom and a touch of garlic.
Thermidor Sauce - Rich creamy shrimp, onion, garlic, butter and brandy sauce topped with cheddar cheese.

R 35.00

R 39.50




Gaúcho Steak

400g of tender mature rump steak, flame grilled and then pan-fried to perfection with white wine, garlic, bay Leaves and freshly chopped chillies.

R 160.00

R 140.00


Costeläo De Boi - T-Bone

550g of matured T-Bone steak flame grilled to perfection with a touch of Rodizios mixed spices.

R 175.00

for the brave!mainsmeat

Contrafilé Á Caipira - Sirloin

350g Sirloin steak flame grilled with our blend of herbs and spices.

R 160.00


Picanha Á Brasa

350g Picanha steaks flame grilled Brazilian style with coarse salt, bay leaves and garlic.

R 165.00

brazilian dishmainsmeat

Fillet Mignon

300g of fillet steak, flame grilled to perfection.

R 179.00


Grilled Chicken Breast

250g Chicken fillets flame grilled, served with an assorted mix of crispy greens, topped with grated feta, avocado and strawberries. Drizzled with a strawberry balsamic reduction.

R 125.00


Additional Sauces

Gaucho sauce - White wine, garlic, bay leaves and fresh chilli sauce.
Creamy cheese - Creamy Mushroom - Creamy Garlic - Creamy Pepper

R 29.50


Suggested Wines

Franschhoek Cellar Sauvignon Blanc

Suggested Fish Wine

A classic Sauvignon Blanc with expressive aromas of tropical fruit, white pear and citrus balanced by a graceful fresh acidity and tantalizing finish

R 147.00
(Per 750ml)

fruitywhite semi sweet

Famous Meat Skewers

Meat Rodizio

A carnivore's dream come true... Feast on as much as you like of various cuts of slow roasted prime beef, tender chicken, traditional Chouriço, Succulent pork, and the sensational leg of lamb.

At Rodizio we pride ourselves on using our very own in-house marinades and mixed spices to give each cut of meat its very own unique testure and delectable flavour. Our friendly and specially trained Meat Carvers slice and serve the meat off a large skewer at your table directly onto your plate in true Brazilian style. The Rodizio, our signature dish, is served with generous helping of savoury rice, crisp potato chips and fresh seasonal vegetables.

R 225.00

brazilian dishmeat rodizio

The “robots” on each table control the speed and frequency at which diners eat.

In order for us to give you the best experience possible. Please book and request the meat Rodizio Tuesday to Thursday lunch or give us 30 minutes to prepare. The Meat Rodizio is best served hot off the grill.

Using Your Robot

Green means "Bring it On!"
Red means "Stop for Now!
  • When your robot has the green side facing up the carvers will keep visiting the table.
  • You can slow it down/take a short break by turning your robot red.
  • When you are ready to Indulge once again, turn your robot green & keep on enjoying.
  • Strictly no sharing allowed & take aways can be arranged at R245.oo/kge


Brazilian Dishes

Bolinhos De Siri / Crab Cakes

A native crab delicacy lightly grilled. Served with a side salad, boiled egg and a homemade salsa.

R 85.00

brazilian dishshellfishstarter

Carioca Prawns

Grilled prawns topped with our signatory sauce.


brazilian dishshellfishstarter

Feijoada Brazileira

Traditional black beans stewed with pork, beef cuts and chicken seasoned with virgin olive oil and garlic. Main course served with farofa, white rice and couve mineira.

R 145.00

brazilian dishmains

Muqueca De Peixe - Fish Potjie

Cubed fish fillet and baby potatoes stewed in a lemon, coconut milk, palm oil (olio de dendé), onion, tomato, green pepper and a touch of fresh chillies.

R 158.00

brazilian dishfishmains

Suggested Rodizios Wine

Brampton Shiraz

Shades of black and blue berry succulence against a spicy oak background that is mouth-filling and textured yet smoothly contoured and satisfying leaving a lasting impression

R 186.00
(Per 750ml)

fruityred semi sweetspecial


Vegetarian Platter

An assortment of stir fry vegetables, baked black mushroom topped with cream spinach and feta cheese, grilled haloumi, couscous salad, mashed butternut and a choice of starch.

R 125.50


Muqueca De Vegetais - Vegetarian Potjie

A fresh assortment of vegetables stewed in a mild curry coconut, palm oil (olio de dendé), lemon, onion, tomato and green peppers, served with white rice and haloumi cheese.



Muqueca De Pasta

Penne topped with a fresh assortment of stir-fry vegetables topped with our delicious Muqueca sauce.

R 106.50




Xaxado Prawns

Rodizio 1/2kg prawns seasoned & butterfly grilled in fresh lemon juice, butter & spices served with savoury rice & crispy potato chips. (A choice of Queen or King Prawns)



Carioca Prawn Sauce

Beer, butter, freshly chopped chillies, garlic, bay leaves and Rodizios secret spices.

R 29.50

brazilian dishmainsshellfish

Frevo De Camaräo - Prawn Curry Sauce

A mild or hot creamy coconut marsala curry.

R 35.00


Bahia Platter

Baby sole, 3 prawns and grilled Falkland calamari all seasoned and grilled to perfection and, served with savoury rice, crispy potato chips and a Brazilian salad.

R 295.00


Rumba Platter

5 Prawns, calamari and a 200g matured rump steak all seasoned and grilled to perfection & served with savoury rice crispy potato chips and a Brazilian salad.

R 219.00


Samba Platter

5 Prawns, calamari and line fish all seasoned and grilled to perfection with olive oil and fresh lemon juice, served with savoury rice, crispy potato chips and a Brazilian salad.

R 219.00


Suggested Wines

Franschhoek Cellar Unoaked Chardonnay

Dainty and delicious unwooded Chardonnay with primary tropical pineapple, grapefruit, lemon and lime citrus fruit to shine uninterrupted

R 157.00

fruitywhite semi sweet

Boschendal 1685 Chardonnay

Deliciously supple with a classic citrus fruit core of white grapefruit enhanced by spicy nutmeg and vanilla butter oak tones balanced by obvious minerality for elegance, length and complexity

R 228.00

specialsweet white



Rodizio Pudding

Milk, eggs, condensed milk, coffee and cream topped with almond chocolate.

R 52.00


Amazon Mango (Seasonal)

Fresh mango cubed, topped with ice cream and fresh granadilla pulp.

R 52.00


Peppermint Pudding

This fridge tart is a favourite South African classic.

R 52.00


Creme Brule

Homemade brulee custard and freshly caramelized brown sugar crust.

R 52.00


Chocolate Mousse

Light and creamy, made with dark chocolate and topped with whipped cream.

R 52.00


Fruit Salad

Fresh sliced seasonal fruit served plain or topped with cream or ice-cream.

R 52.00


Creme Caramel

Old time favourite

R 52.00



Traditional panacotta topped with homemade coolie sauce.

R 52.00


Malva Pudding

Topped with custard, cream or ice cream.

R 52.00




Irish Coffee


coffeelow alcoholpopular

Ice Coffee



Don Pedro


Hot Chocolate



Caffe Latte



Cappuchino With Cream








Filter Coffee



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